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Welcome to FREILAW!

The purpose of our student-run LAW JOURNAL is to promote the ideas of the holistic and open-minded law student, while enlivening the already established and academically rich institution that is Freiburg Law School. We aim to provoke thoughts beyond compulsory subject material, and to stimulate interest in new legal questions and areas of law; thereby supporting a critical socio-politically engaged person. In addition, we offer help for practical questions regarding exam preparation or the new specializations.

INTEREST EMPHASIS of our magazine is Foreign, International and European Law.

Modeled after THE IDEA of an American Law Review, we ensure student contributions while setting high academic standards to produce legal discussion useful in Germany. We do not want to be a further pure learned journal.

NETWORKING. Apart from links to websites that appear to be of particular importance to us, we wish to introduce you to our collaboration partners. Furthermore, our bulletin board may provide you with a job or an internship.

WE LIVE ONLINE. The advantage of an online journal is the inclusion of everyone and the ability to take part in discussions. You are FREILAW- this project is carried out with your participation. We hope you enjoy our pages and welcome you to the world of conscious future lawyers oriented towards the human being.










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